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Brandy Unionson

Brandy is a young ward of the French Union of Mercenaries, a group of traveling hired hands and freedom fighters who roam the Affected territories of Arbo. Her adoptive fathers Hergin Pride and Jean D’Arblast take special interest in seeing her raised with some freedom, while her mentor Dale O’Dawn would rather she pay closer attention to her studies. She prides herself in her ability to escape Dale’s sights. Jack doesn’t really care what she does as long as she stays alive.

Her favourite colour is red, and her favourite food is seared salmon.

Dale O’Dawn

Dale was a knight in his youth, and has now taken it on to be Brandy’s personal mentor. He prides himself in being a diligent, educated, well-mannered gentleman, and is put off by the sloppy behaviour of the Unionmen. He’s always been an outsider in the outfit of mercenaries that he travels with, and he keeps his background to himself, getting very defensive whenever it is brought up. His relationship with Brandy is rocky, but he values it more than anything in the world.

His favourite pastimes are writing in his journal and singing songs when he thinks no one can hear him

Hergin Pride

There aren’t many warlocks in the Union, and so Hergin has gained renown in their ranks for his magical capabilities. He’s one of the main sources of information on magic within the French Union. He also writes books on wildlife, the Affection, and history. Hergin is well known throughout the country as an author, above everything else. He and Jean have a close friendship, and collaborate on many schemes and battleplans. He and Jean have taken it on themselves to raise Brandy as their daughter. He hopes to teach her how to use magic, but has been unsuccessful so far.

He was born before the apocalypse, and has been alive ever since.He has an incredible memory, and can recite pre-world poems, songs, and movie scripts with only occasional help from old books.

Crucible Jack

Jack showed up in the Union without a past, and quickly became one of their best assassins. He’s a master of steal, and some say that he can fade through walls, but really he’s just good at making alternative entrances. He’s a first choice for any one man job, and brings in a significant amount of business to the Union. He doesn’t talk much, and hates socializing with almost everyone except for a select few. He has his own motives for doing anything.

His aspirations in life are to sleep until 4pm, and eat only the finest gourmet foods.

Jean D’Arblast

Jean is the captain of the fifty Unionmen in his unit, and leads it with passion and vigor. He earned his name “Arblast” for being an ace marksman. He’s very French. He encourages drinking and merrymaking, but when it comes to battle, he is all business. Jean doesn’t tolerate opposition, and is the first to take initiative to make things happen. Jean raises Brandy as his daughter, and as such shares his skills and language with her. He sees his unit as his family, and encourages the other Unionmen to raise Brandy with patience and love.

He likes good ale, mediocre ale, and bad ale. He’s okay with wine. He likes mead well enough. Hard liquor is just fine. He once got drunk on a 300 year old bottle of kombucha.